HR on Retainer

An entire team of HR experts, ready to help

Do you have regular HR concerns and challenges, but not enough to justify a full-time HR executive? With the HR retainer program, our expert team provides hands-on help on an as-needed basis at a price below our normal hourly rate. We can scale our services to meet your needs with three options:

  • A two-hour per month consulting agreement to answer your HR questions as they arise via phone, in-person or via email.
  • Onsite expertise, with one of our team members working at your site up to 30 hours per week, to help for a specific period or with a certain project.
  • Custom retainer to suit your needs as your business grows and changes.

Our consultants become a key part of your team and build an in-depth knowledge of your organization, facilitating your ongoing success and peace of mind.

Interim HR

Strategic and tactical support during transition and growth

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Whether your organization is in a transition phase, managing rapid growth, dealing with a crisis or setting the groundwork for long-term success, the strength of our entire team is available to help on an interim retainer basis. Whatever your need, we have experienced HR consultants ready to help, on- or off-site, and can scale to meet your needs.

For unexpected or crisis needs, we will step in with additional levels of on-demand expertise and even interim staffing, on or off-site.

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HR Packages

Flexible service packages tailored for your organization

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Whether you need help with standard HR tools like employee handbooks, offer letters or compliant deduction forms, or if you need expert advice to review processes and answer specific questions, we offer a variety of packages to meet your needs. We also work with clients to create custom packages  to fit your organization. Need help with something very specific? See our project-based services.

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Project-Based HR Solutions

Turnkey services to support your organization’s infrastructure, growth and success

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Looking for on-demand or specialized HR help? Often our clients call on our experts to step in when they are poised to pass a milestone or need help around a business roadblock. We’ll help you focus on the specific services that contribute to your success. From compliance audits to workforce planning and recruitment — from safety reviews to payroll system assessments, we can tailor our services to meet your specific business demands.

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